I am very glad to see you on my web site. I hope you will enjoy The World of Colors and get a lot of positive impression. These colors on my paintings have their own language, life and even destiny.
What is ChingizART and why did I create it?

I was born with my passionate of love to colors. I think they are part of my life. These colors changed in each period of my life, but never left me alone.
Chingiz Mehbaliyev

I have been drawing from my childhood. One day our family decided to change the wallpaper in our living room and redecorate it. When we took our old wallpapers I found something interesting under it - the picture which I drew in my childhood on the wall. I cannot remember when I drew that picture, but it was certainly one of my greatest discoveries. Because I actually discovered one of my first pictures. I asked my parents to know when I drew that. They could
not remember it either and they could only say "You were child when you did this…"

Then I went to kinder-garden, school and I took part in different exhibitions and contests during those years. It was great pleasure for me.

Thanks to my friends for helping me to organize myfirst personal exhibition when I studied at Baku State University. This was how I started my personal exhibitions.

I continued drawing pictures even in extremely situations during my military service. My emotions transformed to colors and reflected on the papers.

Year by year more and more people started being interested in my art. Therefore I had to think how I can share my art with more people. The answer was not very difficult. I created ChingizART and gathered all my paintings, drawings, and videos under this name.

Finally, I would like to say: I created ChingizART only for you, my dear art followers.

What is art for me?

ART is love.

ART is beauty.

ART is wisdom.

ART is love.

ART is happiness.

ART is paradise.

ART is mystery.